All standard NetPoint features are included | Standard Intel Server Hardware | Scalable up to 1 000 concurrent Agents | Full or partial redundancy (Eg: Disk drives, servers, switches, Telco) | Call Centre Management Software (I.E. Queue metrics,) | Automated dialer solution (I.E. Wombat) | Call Recording and retrieval | Interface to VoIP Telecommunications provider


Integration of PBX and Client applications | Custom development of Application Programming Interface (API) as per customer requirements | Dialer list management | Provide unique application interfacing (EG: fax handling) | Develop complex interactive voice response (IVR) (EG: data validation) | Cost of ownership dramatically less than proprietary systems | Pro-active monitoring of server/s | Simple to manage via web based graphical user interface | Potential saving of typically up to 25% on telephone call costs | NetPoint affordable off balance sheet lease options | Client does not continue paying for more than 5 years depending on lease option selected